Video Pre-Production Services

Seven/Seventy-Nine offers a suite of video pre-production services including:

  • CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: What do you want to say and who do you want to say it to? Once those questions have been answered, we can begin developing video concepts that best tell that story in a way that resonates with your intended audience.
  • SCRIPT WRITING: This can involve writing a full script with action and dialogue to be portrayed by professional actors or it can be a shot list with a description of the action. It can also be a voice-over narration to be recorded in post-production. For some videos, it’s developing an outline and a list of main points that will be used to develop questions to be asked during an on-camera interview. It all depends on the concept.
  • STORYBOARDING: This is the process of visualizing your video in the form of illustrations that are displayed in sequence. This step is incredibly helpful in making sure that we’re telling the right story with the right visuals.
    Storyboards as video pre-production services
  • ANIMATICS: Storyboards can be taken to the next level by cutting them together in an editing program with the correct timing and pace of the video. The animatic will also include temp music, rough sound effects, and sample dialogue/voice-over narration. This is an extremely useful step in the process because it allows you to see your story before cameras roll.
  • LOCATION SCOUTING: This is the process of determining what setting is best for telling your story. It also involves identifying any technical or logistical challenges for shooting at that location. Questions such as what kind of lighting set-up will be needed, is there background noise that will affect audio, and how will we get all of our gear into this location will be answered in order to capture the best video footage possible.
  • CASTING: Who do you want to tell your story? If the answer is actors then we can reach out to our many talent agency partners and request headshots. We then bring in your top choices from the headshots for live auditions. As an added benefit, we record all live auditions and upload them to a password-protected site so they can be reviewed remotely or at a later time. If your story is best told by the people associated with your organization, we can help identify who those people are and prepare them for their moment in front of the camera.