Video Post-Production Services

Seven/Seventy-Nine Video offers a full suite of video post production services, including:

  • VIDEO EDITING: Here’s where it all comes together – the best takes, music, and graphics are sliced and diced into a video. The finer points of this process include color grading, color correction, sound design, and audio sweetening.
  • MOTION GRAPHICS: Put simply, this is the technique of bringing design and graphic elements to life. It’s about taking what would otherwise be static imagery and adding visual appeal by giving it motion. As with everything else, it’s also about telling a story. Sometimes it’s about adding some flare to an existing story like by creating an animated logo for the introduction of a video. Many times it involves creating info graphics that explain complex or esoteric subject matter.
  • ANIMATION: We have 2D and 3D capabilities, so everything from a cartoon style video to a 3D product rendering can be done.