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Imagine for a moment that you own a business that sells Robot Butlers (just go with it). How would you let the public know about your product, how it makes life easier, and where to buy it? The most obvious answer is “advertise,” but that’s such a broad answer in light of the wide range of advertising options available today. You could advertise on TV, on the radio, in a newspaper, on billboards, on the Internet, or a combination of all the above. Since Seven/Seventy-Nine is a video production and video marketing company, let’s focus specifically on video and why it should be a part of your advertising strategy.

Television is still the primary way to ensure that your message reaches a wide audience so if you have it in the budget, you should produce a 30 second commercial and get it on the air. In addition to television, you can put your commercial on the Internet and distribute it through one of the many online ad networks and video sharing sites like You Tube - which is used as a search engine more than any other site besides Google.

Above all else however, Robot Butlers should have a website. Any business that is selling a product to the general public is pretty much dead in the water if it doesn’t have a website. The Internet is an active medium where people seek out information and it isn’t subject to the same time constraints as other mediums which allows for more detailed messaging. For these reasons, an effective ad campaign in other mediums should be geared toward introducing Robot Butlers and directing people to its website where they can find more information.

So, people have seen your ads and they are interested in getting a Robot Butler so they go to your website for more information. Think about how much more compelling your website would be if it also included video content. There could be a message from the creator of Robot Butlers explaining why he or she felt that the world needed them. There could be extended versions of your TV commercials showing more ways Robot Butlers make life easier. To give the potential buyer peace of mind, there could be a video library about proper Robot Butler maintenance and how to troubleshoot problems should they occur. There could be videos about how to configure your Robot Butler and if assembly is required, there could be a video showing the proper way to put it together.

Video presents your message in a dynamic way with motion and sound. Video is warm and provides more of a personal touch than written words and static images. When created properly it can have the same powerful impact as an enthusiastic referral from a satisfied client. Good storytelling, smooth camera movements, clear audio, and creative visuals are the foundation for a video that will efficiently and effectively communicate your message or demonstrate your product.

We here at Seven/Seventy-Nine don’t know anything about Robot Butlers (except how cool it would be to own one), but as an area-leading video production and post production company, we do know video. Whether the intended medium is television, the Internet, DVD, or all of the above, we can create video content that not only spreads your message to a wider audience but also engages the viewer in new ways. A wider audience with higher levels of engagement means more opportunities for your organization and that is our mission. We can help you tell your story.