We tell stories...

We are Cincinnati’s leading video production company and we tell compelling stories in visually appealing ways.  Sight and sound are powerful senses.  When done right, video engages both simultaneously. 

We believe that everyone and everything has a story to tell.  Identifying that story – the narrative thread, if you will – is the first step in creating a great video.  Step two is identifying how that story is best told visually, something we often refer to as the aesthetic.  What makes Seven/Seventy-Nine unique is a keen understanding of how story and aesthetic are the primary components of any engaging video.  Many videos are heavy on one or the other but not both. Seven/Seventy-Nine takes great pride in providing the right mix.

We also understand that at the end of the day a good video needs to move some sort of needle.  Some needles are emotional while others are commercial, motivational, or informational.  We understand that you have specific goals and that a video (or a series of videos) is one piece of a larger arsenal to help achieve those goals.        

But enough about Seven/Seventy-Nine’s doctrine of video production, you came here to see videos, not read.  Take a look at our work.  We feel that it speaks for itself.

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